My Mum always says, “there’s no gold medal for putting yourself last”. As women and especially Mums, we often (always) put errrybody else’s needs before our own. I’m not just talking about hot meals, haircuts and precious sleep… but the most important things in life which can impact our lives long term such as career development, education, business advice, self care, health and wellbeing, friendships, dreams and goals.

When was the last time you invested in yourself or your business and felt damn good about it?

In the past few weeks I’ve started investing in myself because at the end of the day who else is going to do it for me? I’m attending a digital marketing workshop this weekend (The Digital Picnic, I’m coming for you!), a session with a business coach (umm hello sweet, sweet clarity), had a nanny help me for a few hours when my partner was away and I joined a new boot camp.

Now for our little fam bam, like many of us, that’s quite a lot of extra cash we don’t have lying around. But you know what? It was worth damn every scent for my career and my well being. I will be able to earn incremental revenue using skills learnt at the course, my business has an entirely new focus and growth plan thanks to the hour spent with a coach and with help from Tori-the-teenage-nanny I wasn’t brought to my knees ugly crying by 2 demanding, sick bubs.

Lisa Byrne Marketing Coach for women

Here are a few hard facts for a bit more motivation;

  • On average men have almost $100k more than women in their super account due to time spent out of the workforce due to have children
  • The full-time average weekly ordinary earnings for women are 15.3% less than for men
  • The number of women in key leadership positions actually fell in 2017 (what the actual?!)
  • Women owner-managers of small businesses in Australia only grew by 3% in 10 years (2006-2016)

So do that course you’ve had your eye on, get to that evening workshop or networking event, join the gym, go away for the girls weekend (hell even just a dinner!) and outsource those parts of your business that are hanging over your head. In the end, you are you most valuable asset so it truly does pay to start investing in YOU.

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