Content, content marketing, social media content…. We hear these terms SO much, but do you know what it actually means and what can it do for your business? I’ve set aside exactly 1 hour to write this piece of content marketing just for you!

It will be an article here on my blog, I’ll send it out as an email plus share it on social media. Reckon I can do it? Here goes!

Lisa Byrne Marketing Coach

What is Content Marketing in a nutshell?

Creating and distributing valuable and helpful content that is relevant to your target audience with the aim of growing or retaining your customer or client base. Giving away your secret sauce, your knowledge and expertise for free, so more people buy from you.

Why is Content Marketing important to your business?

The biggies? It positions you as an expert in your field, it builds trust, your product or service stays top of mind and therefore you become the natural go-to when it comes time for your audience to buy the product or choose a service provider.

Trust is the key here. People buy from people. We have to trust someone before we give them our money, right? The quickest way to build trust? Sharing your knowledge, solving a problem, helping and serving your audience. It’s what I’m doing right now!

What are the different types of Content?

  • Blogs (write a short article and publish it on your website – boom!)
  • Email marketing (like this one)
  • Social media content* (e.g. tips, tricks, tools, advice, on brand images)
  • Videos – there are SO many ideas here and I will cover this on it’s on soon. Insta stories, Facebook Live, IGTV, time lapse of you doing your thing, unpack or demonstrate your product or invest in producing something with a professional videographer.
  • Case studies or portfolio
  • Image gallery
  • Infographic*
  • eBook*
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars

* TIP* You can create these using Canva. An easy, free, web based tool. THE BEST. Seriously, do yourself and your brand a favour and sign up.

What do I talk about?

This is both the most daunting and actually the easiest part! You know those questions that you get asked allll the time in your biz? Yup, that’s the start of your content strategy. Write list of those questions and then answer them, using the various type of content above. Easy huh?

Some examples? Please, allow me!

  • Photographer – what is the best time of day to take photos? How do you get kids to sit still in your sessions? What is the best thing for me to wear on a maternity shoot and do you have any online store suggestions?
  • Cafe – What are your gluten free options? Where is your coffee sourced? How can I find your cafe? What is the story behind the name? Tell me about your background?
  • Mums & Bubs fitness – what are a few easy workouts I can do at home with the baby? What are some healthy & quick lunch options? What equipment can I use around the house to work out with?

I have 14 minutes left on the timer – not bad huh?! Imagine what we could achieve in an hour together!

We could develop your own content strategy and weekly plan, teach you how to use Canva and how to distribute your content using Mailchimp, social media and your website. Or in 2 hours we can create your entire marketing plan! Sounds pretty good huh?

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Lisa xx