Want to know the first question my business coach asked me?

“How do you want to feel in 12-months time?” Not, “how much money do you want to make” or “how big do you want to grow your business?”. 

And I gotta say, it made me stop and think! I don’t think I have ever been asked that before or even put too much thought into it! 

We’re conditioned to push that down.

We are bombarded with (quite frankly, b-sh&t) messages about 7-figure businesses, scaling and $300,000 months and it trains us to only focus on the monetary side of growth.

But what about how we feel? Isn’t that *the* most important measure of our success?

As women, mothers, partners, friends, daughters… as ourselves.

It’s SO incredibly important to work towards building a business that is sustainable and makes us feel great, expansive, free, and fulfilled.

Not stressed, stretched, overwhelmed, or burnt out. 

What can you do when you don’t feel good about your business?

How we feel in the daily running of our business is probably the most honest indication as to how our business is *really* going.

It’s safe to say none of us started our businesses with the goal to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and lost.

So what can we do to turn it around?

The first step is to obviously take a look a little deeper at what’s going on and then consider the changes you can make in order to feel some relief.

What that looks like is different for every business owner so it’s important to figure out what’s right for you. I love helping my clients do this! It’s often the smallest and most simple shifts that have the biggest impact on their busy lives. And sometimes? It’s much bigger changes, and that’s ok too.

These are some of the ways I have helped my clients relieve the pressure of a business that isn’t making them feel good anymore:

– Self-care
– Stripping back
– Stepping back
– Delegating
– Prioritising
– Outsourcing
– Streamlining
– Niching down
– Discontinuing products/services
– New direction
– Stopping
– Starting again

I have covered it all.

When you’re in the thick of it all? It’s SO hard to see what’s right in front of you. I know I didn’t! And every day I still examine how I feel and what changes can I make.

If you feel like something just isn’t working but you can’t figure out what is it? It could be time to seek external support to gain clarity and direction again. 

If you’d like to quickly identify what’s holding you back from greater success in your business, reach out and we can start chatting.


And remember, you’re not alone! ♡

Lisa x

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