Busy Mum, Booming Business.

Episode 71: How Laura Founder of Wild Indiana Grew Her Business By Growing Her Village.

eComm Grow Strong Student Success Story 

When you’re a Mum of three children, you need to create a business that works for you and your family – which as you know is easier said than done! 

Laura Turner is the founder of Wild Indiana, a mum of three young children (whom she homeschools by the way!) and a recent graduate of eComm Grow Strong

And I want to know, how the heck does she do it all?! 

Laura is so generous with us today, sharing how she manages her incredibly successful eCommerce business whilst homeschooling her kids. 

Hint: she realised she couldn’t do it all! We chat:

  • How she started her business
  • When she first started to hire a team 
  • Pivoting from handmade products so she could scale
  • Moving to a 3PL warehouse 
  • Working with a VA to get more done 
  • And of course, her experience in eComm Grow Strong and the changes she has made since. 


Take a listen, you’ll love it!

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