How Alana overcame imposter syndrome to
unlock eCommerce success.

What impact does your self belief and ability to “show up” as the face of your brand have on your business success? 

Meet Alana, Founder of NZ-based natural supplement brand, Aglow and graduate of my 12-week group program for female eCommerce founders, eComm Grow Strong.

Alana’s story is a really powerful one because she represents so many women I meet.

They’re in the their first few years of running their online store and they’re completely overwhelmed with marketing, where to focus their efforts and the dreaded “showing up” on social media.  

Alana started her eCommerce business as an accomplished career woman and Mother, yet when it came to promoting her products (and herself) she was hiding.

Imposter syndrome had reared its ugly head and mindset barrier was stopping her from having the confidence to promote her brand and products and being authentic self.

This made marketing feel really hard and it was stunting the growth of her business.


At the same time, Alana was also confused about where to spend her time, money and energy in order to grow.

She was investing heavily in a paid advertising agency which simply wasn’t achieving the ROI it needed to make it worthwhile.

Because she was unsure of how to track and understand her marketing metrics, she didn’t realise these ads weren’t working and she was throwing money out the window!

I’m not telling you this to be all doom and gloom, I’m sharing this because this is a familiar story I hear and see every day.

The number one challenge I see women experiencing in the first few years of starting and growing their eCommerce business is that they don’t know what marketing to focus on and when. 

(And don’t get me started on dodgy agencies taking advantage of this scenario!)

But, this story has a very happy ending. 

Alana joined eComm Grow Strong in 2022 and within 12 weeks she had transformed her mindset, marketing and profit. Such as; 

  • Firing her ad agency which saved her $3,000 per month and she still managed to increase traffic and sales without it!

  • Optimised her website and doubled her conversion rate.

  • Showing up on video and social media with confidence and clarity. 

Mindset and marketing go hand in hand.

You truly need both to grow your online store in a way that feels good and doesn’t send you broke.

If you feel like you’re too scared to ‘show up’ and promote yourself or you might suffer from imposter syndrome, overthinking or perfectionism then you will get a lot from this chat

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