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More traffic, more engagement, more sales and more profit with less effort and stress

Sounds pretty good, right? Almost too good.

Because we both know that successfully marketing an eCommerce brand or online store is supposed to be all about the #hustle, right? 

You’re supposed to work so hard you forget to wash your hair for days and your family don’t know who you are anymore.



Starting, Growing or Scaling? I got you!

eComm Grow Strong is a 12 week group program for online store owners who struggle with marketing


eComm Grow Strong is my signature 12-week course and group coaching program for online store owners or product-based businesses who are ready to strengthen their business foundations and get a clear marketing plan.

If you want to FINALLY take control of your marketing and growth this year? This is the place to be. 

Get more confidence, clarity and conversions in just 12 weeks (without working harder or paying for ads!). 


eComm Scale Strong is a high-touch coaching container for 6-figure founders who are ready to build 7-figure + empires. 

Unlike anything else available, this unique and personalised container blends 1-1 private coaching, custom strategy, mastering new skills and a supportive community element.

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Wine time with friends on a Friday? Forget about it!

You’re too busy juggling everything in your business and madly trying a little bit of everything hoping that something sticks! Instagram, influencers, emails, Facebook ads, promotions, Pinterest, SEO, Google ads – GAH!! It’s SO confusing, right?!

I want to show you how to market and grow your business (a lot) by making smart moves that mean you end up doing less. 

Because I know you’re already working hard enough.

And because I also know that growing your business isn’t about doing more marketing.

It’s about getting back to basics and making sure the foundations of your business are the strongest they can be.

It’s about implementing simple, sales-driven strategies that are the right fit for you, your audience and your brand.

It’s about automating and streamlining where you can to make scaling and growth effortless.

And it’s about having the right support in your corner so you don’t have to do it all alone.


"Woohoo! We did it! In just two short months since we started working together we’ve doubled our revenue, just as you predicted!"

“Just a few simple, strategic changes and I’ve gone from an overwhelmed owner/operator to having a team of four, plus outsourcing social media management. I now have the time to develop clear plans for continued growth, instead of being stuck in the weeds doing simple, repeatable tasks like packing orders. Thank you so much for all your guidance and support throughout this journey!”

Hi, I'm Lisa

I’m an eCommerce marketing mentor and strategist with more than 20 years in the industry under my belt.

I’m on a mission to ​help women in business increase their profit without the hustle-harder BS. I want female founders to have plenty of energy left over at the end of the day, the week and the year to actually live their lives. I want them to take that holiday and have that girls night out.

And I’m ready to be in your corner. I’m ready to be your ride-or-die marketing wing-woman. Keeping you focussed and on track. And celebrating you as you step into the next phase of your business.

Let’s bring the joy, fun and smarts back into marketing (I’ll bring the Champagne).


"Lisa helped me unlock the true potential of my business. The marketing plan we put in place allowed my business to progress in ways I didn’t think were possible."

“I have always been someone to do everything myself so to have someone I could trust to come into the business and help guide our marketing and growth was such a blessing and saved me so much time and energy. 

To see such great results in such a short period was outstanding. Working with Lisa has paved the way forward for my business. I can now easily implement things with confidence knowing it works.”

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