Answer: interesting, helpful and entertaining content.

Finding new ways to promote and talk about your products online without feeling repetitive or pushy is a universal struggle for most e-commerce brand owners. Why? The most common I see are:

  • You’re an expert in their field, product or niche, not in marketing so give yourself a break
  • You are so close to what you have created. When you know something inside out, you take for granted what your audience doesn’t know about it.
  • Most women feel weird about sales and selling, it’s ingrained from a young age not to “speak up” or come across as “too confident” which is quite frankly, B.S! This is something I help some client move through quite a lot when we start bringing them out from behind the brand!

So what’s the solution?

As always, it’s about making it easy, simple and authentic. If something is simple and feels right? We are more likely to make it a habit as there is minimal resistance to just getting it done.

So! I have started a list of simple content prompts to help you talk about your products online in a way that feels natural, not yuck or boring.

  1. Surprising benefit – talk about something that your customers may not realise about your product. Did you know it also comes with XYZ? Did you know, that you can also use this to XYZ? Explain just how life-changing your solution is to their specific problem
  2. Our best-seller & why – people love to buy what they know other people already love. It’s why we read reviews or seek recommendations. Best-sellers has the same effect on turning browsers into buyers.
  3. Meet the team – customers LOVE to see what goes on behind the scenes and who the characters in the story are! Even if your team isn’t physically with you, get them to take a pic or record a little video introducing themselves.
  4. Why I created this product for you – connect & build trust by acknowledging the  pain/problem/challenge and how you personally sought to create a solution     
  5. Delivery & “unboxing”– have you heard of unboxing? It’s a thing. People share themselves unwrapping their latest online purchase. I know, I know it sounds weird but… we’ve all done it! So do some stories about your delivery “experience” is like by packing up orders or unwrapping one. This peek into “what you could have” create excitement, FOMO, and desire 
  6. My # 1 question from customers – this is both helpful and plays into the social proof factor. They’re going to think, lots of people clearly want this product so it must be great and I want it too. 

I’ll be adding to this list every week, so follow me on Instagram or Facebook to know when I add more ideas


Sell with confidence.

You have created something that someone, out there is searching high and low for. The more you share your solution, the more people you will help.

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