3 ways to start using video to sell your products.

How-to video marketing

There’s no doubt that video is one of the most powerful marketing tools product based businesses can use to engage and convert customers.

Does video confuse you before you’ve begun? You’re not alone!

I want to encourage and see more women practice video marketing in their business and reaping the benefits…but without the overwhelm so here’s my tips on how you can get started using video in your marketing.

1) Insta Stories:

Super easy, free, minimal pressure to be perfect.

Choose 4 common ground topics you share with your audience. E.g. skin care brand for 30+ women: the quest for dewy skin, day-to-day/mum life, your products, behind the scenes. Simples.

Don’t forget! Tag your products and make your stories engaging. Mixing it up with images, “talking head” (that’s you), boomerang, time lapse, polls, questions, gifs, stickers – you get the picture.

Task – Set yourself the goal of doing stories every day for a week and see what happens to your numbers! Tell me how you go. You’ll be seeing results and feeling comfortable in no time, I promise!

2) Video Editor Apps:

If you have product images or videos on your phone? You can make a high quality video to use across your marketing channels in minutes. Look at InShot or GoPro Quik. Download to your phone and start playing around.

Add short catchy text to highlight your key messages e.g. “100% no nasties” or “Ethically produced” or “Sizes 6 to 22” or “Making lunches fun” or “Handmade with love”.

Schedule your new piece of content to your socials for your peak traffic time – add a caption (personal is always better)

Tip! Don’t forget to tell people what you want them to do and add a link where they can click to buy.

3) Freelancers & Content creators:

With the rise of demand, you can find affordable options more and more these days. Freelancers are everywhere, especially on Instagram!

Tip! When you’re starting out in business, please steer clear of agencies. You will be paying premium.

When you find one who suits your objective (e.g.they specialise in making simple & low-cost product videos) and your budget ensure you;

– Prepare a clear creative brief. Ask them if they have a preferred way or form to do this

– know exactly what you want from the start so you can ensure you’re going to see return on your investment. Take ownership in the outcome

– have a written agreement in place so both parties are covered and know exactly what is expected.

If you can, get a recommendation from someone you know. Send me an email if you’d like a recommendation.

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