The 4-Step Email Sequence that WILL Sell More Products

Did you know your welcome sequence is probably *the* most valuable and important email campaign you will ever send?


But let’s start with what it is. Your welcome email sequence is also known as a ‘flow’ or a ‘series’ and is a set of automated emails triggered and sent when a visitor to your website subscribes or ‘opt-in’ to your email list.

You may offer an incentive such as a discount, lead magnet, free shipping, or a giveaway to increase more people to subscribe. But that’s another blog post altogether!

The purpose of the welcome email is to roll out the red carpet and warmly welcome a new subscriber (and potential customer) to your brand. It is the first impression and boy does it count!

Welcome emails have the highest open rate and click-through rate. Therefore, you have the greatest chance of getting in front of a potential customer with a message that will pull them into your sales funnel and start building a relationship with them and it’s important to do this right away, like immediately!

Most new visitors to your site won’t make a purchase the first time they visit (about 92% in fact!) so you want a snazzy way to lure them back. Otherwise, the money and effort it took to get them to your website will be wasted.

Consumers are most engaged with a brand within 48 hours after they subscribe to their email list, so you want to put your best foot forward while they’re hot and ready to buy!

​This 4-email sequence packs a punch because it factors in all the important selling and trust-building elements important in eCommerce marketing:

​🛍 Personalised & personal
​🛍 Urgency
​🛍 Incentive to buy
🛍 Social proof

​If you’re using a quality email service provider like Klaviyo or Omnisend you’ll have templates and flows ready to go so it won’t take you long to personalise, brand it up and start making sales!

So, let’s get stuck into my money-making 4-step sequence:

Simple as that!

Ok so now you have my secret formula to making more revenue from your email welcome sequence, it’s over to you to make this happen. Try it out and let me know how you go!


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