For eCommerce brands your message, copy and brand story have never been more important!

Thanks to covid we’ve seen thousands of new businesses launch – with more competition flooding every market, sometimes the only things separating you against your competitors is what your brand looks, sounds and feels like.

In this episode, I am joined by Shan Fitzgerald who is a bold copywriter and founder of Wild Spark Copy – her “balls-to-the-wall” creative copywriting studio.
With a #NoBS reputation for crafting brands through human-centered copy, Shan works with whip-smart upstarts to create charismatic brand personalities that fly off the shelf.

Here is what we cover in this episode:

  • • Why it’s critical to eCommerce success to have a brand personality that stands out
  • • How to step into your own brand personality even if it feels scary 
  • • Why your copy has to talk to humans, not an algorithm 
  • • Shan’s own business journey as a neurodivergent teacher to zero f’s given copywriter 
  • • How her lowest point helped her realise her true purpose 
  • • How life is too short to be boring or unaligned with your career

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