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90-min eCommerce

Marketing Strategy Session

Get focused on the right things (not all the things!)

Give me 90-minutes and I'll give you clarity, direction, and confidence to own your online store growth.

Unsure which of the 1-gazillion marketing strategies are right for YOU?

Working your butt off but it feels like you're not getting anywhere?

Lady, you need someone to see it clearly and give you a practical roadmap to get you the heck out of stuck!

So, have you got 90-minutes?

Get focused on the right things (not all the things!)
Do you thrive when you have a list of clear action points.

Thought so.

99% of the women who struggle with marketing their online store or product-based tell me:

“I just need someone to help me bring it all together. Tell me where I should focus, what I’m doing wrong or right and give me a plan-of-attack”.

And if you're also like the many women I speak to, what you need this kind of clarity and direction... YESTERDAY!

Welcome to my most simple and effective service – the 90-min strategy sessions.

This is a down and dirty, get stuck in and come out with a long list of action points to get you focused and moving.

I will get you unstuck on a particular topic or area that is stopping you from moving forward e.g.

For example...

Aaaand a tonne more. These sessions are action-packed.

​90-minutes with me will keep you busy for the next 6-months.

My superpower is big picture thinking, problem solution, and coming up with creative and strategic solutions – plus a tonne of confidence-boosting and cheerleading too – because I believe in you! 

And yes, you get this all in 90-min. You will be amazed how much we can uncover, create and shift in 90-min.

You get a complete follow-up report with action points, recommendations, and ideas. Plus suggestions on the right marketing professionals to help you implement – because we can’t do everything right? Tap into my little black book of amazing women from Facebook ad managers, to copywriters to content creators. I have someone for everything!

How does it work?

1. Fill in the form below

2. We book a 15-min phone consultation 

3. If you are ready, we book your session date

4. You fill out a pre-session questionnaire

5. We meet over Zoom and get stuck into fleshing out your growth plan

6. I summarise my recommendations and action items into a document and provide it to you, along with the video replay of our call within a few days of our session.

7. You go on to conquer the world!

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"I felt so overwhelmed doing everything. I was so in my head and confused"

But now I see everything clearly. It’s so good to speak to someone who is looking at my business from the outside in. Thank you so much!”


Get direction, focus & action from an expert.

Fill out this form to get started. I will be in touch with you within 2-3 days to see if you are the right fit. These sessions have been very popular, and I can only do 1 per week, so there will be a few weeks to wait until I can schedule you in.