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Are Facebook Ads Still Worth It?

Ep #62 – What you need to know about Facebook Ads going into 2023 with my guest Dahna Borg, Founder of Bright Red Marketing. A must-listen for EVERY online store owner. 

What Black Friday Promotions Should You Run And When?

Ep #61 – Breaking down the Black Friday basics! Different types of offers, what you should run them and how many is too many? 

The 4 Types Of Reels You Really Need With Alisha Marfatia

Ep#58 – Reels giving you a hard time? You’re not alone! Make content creation easier when you know what types of Reels you need to focus on first.

Let's get focused and have some fun!

Yes marketing is tricky! But it can be made simple and it can be made fun! 

It takes a village to build and run a successful business. The eCommerce Marketing Society podcast is your village.

Tune in every Tuesday as I chat with some of my favourite and talented female founders and marketing experts to help you in your own eCommerce journey.

Student Success Story - Alana from Aglow

eComm Grow Strong Case Study – Overcoming imposter syndrome unlocked business growth for Alana

Student Success Story - Tate from Pup Style

eComm Grow Strong Case Study – How Tate sky rocketed her business by optimising her marketing instead of doing more. 

Is Your Messaging Killing Your Conversions?

How clear is your messaging? Does your website copy help or hinder your ideal customer? Listen to learn how you can increase your conversions by clarifying your marketing messages. 

What our listeners think

“Authentic, relatable, actionable”
Kate, Wild Island Apparel
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I learn so much from every one of Lisa’s episodes. I love that it’s focussed on e-comm, and on getting the foundations right first, the variety of relevant and interesting people she speaks with, her authentic and relatable approach, and that there’s always practical and actionable insights to take away from each episode.
“So Current and real!”
Judi - Ela & Earth
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I have listened to every episode since this podcast began, I can’t get enough of it. Lisa is so calm, real and a true pioneer wanting to empower e-commerce business owners. I recommend this podcast to anyone I know who has an e-commerce business. Thanks Lisa for your time in putting this together 🙌🏼
“I’ve learnt so much!"
Rose Hewartson
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I’ve listened to every episode and I’m addicted to this podcast! I’ve learnt so many little snippets from each episode. Actually they might seem like little snippets but they can actually make a huge difference. I love Lisa’s insight and questions she asks the interviewee.

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