Want to know exactly where you need to spend your time in order to grow your online store AND the steps on how to do it?

Create your ecommerce marketing strategy and an organic sales system in 12-weeks with my personalised support.
Think = more sales and direction (without paying for ads or expensive agencies and freelancers!)

Over 12-weeks together we transform your marketing, website and results. 

Covering everything from data-driven planning, website optimisation, messaging, promotions right through to setting up your entire email marketing strategy, social media content plan, creating videos to launching new products.

eComm Grow Strong is your complete A to Z eCommerce marketing course for women with product-based businesses who are ready to level-up!

Do these get you nodding?

😩 You’re working so hard trying everything. But you are still stuck. You have decision fatigue and wish someone could just tell you what you should do.

💸 You’ve spent a tonne on different tactics (or people!) but not seen results. So you beat yourself up and enter the imposter syndrome spiral!

🤔 You know there’s so much potential but you can’t figure out where to start. So analysis paralysis sets in or you spend hours online searching for answers.

You’re alone. You’re worried. You wish someone could just tell you what to do. If you had a plan and clarity, you’d stick to it – right?

Your life right now...

Your life after the course: