At some stage, all successful e-commerce businesses come to a pivotal point. A point where you’ve built a thriving business through hard work and determination yet seem to be far from the lifestyle that you went on this journey for in the first place. You’re wearing all the hats and doing all the things rather than making strategic marketing your best friend. In many instances hiring a Marketing Coach can be that perfect next step to help you work smarter, not harder.

As a Marketing Coach, I help you look at your business from a fresh angle. I work with you so that you can develop the tools and strategies to become the future Marketing mastermind within your business. The aim is to teach you the skills that I’ve learned across 20 years within my field so that you can implement them as a tailored solution that fits your brand like a glove.

Before you go on the search for the perfect Marketing Coach for your business, I’d recommend taking a step back. Getting clear on 3 key aspects before making that decision will ensure that you are at the right point in your journey and, as a result, will get the most out of the huge shift a Marketing Coach can mean for your business.

Are you ready to work with a Marketing Coach who can transform your e-commerce business?

Most of the magic with my clients happens when they are driven by the success they’ve already achieved through hard work. They know that their concept is working. Their brand has set them up with steady monthly income that allows them to dream big and they want to take that winning formula to the next level.

Here are some triggers that can indicate that a Marketing Coach is that next logical step for you:

  • Your business is financially sound and you feel that there is room for unexplored growth
  • There are untapped markets, but you just don’t know how to get your products in front of this new audience
  • You run campaigns without any strategy and aren’t using data insights to target your efforts
  • Approaching your business without a longterm plan is your current normal, but you crave the stability that a tailored marketing calendar would bring
  • You know that automation can set you up with a more sustainable lifestyle, but you just don’t know where to start
  • You’re sick of second-guessing everything that you do and want someone to guide you in making the right call

If you’ve nodded along to at least one of those triggers, then inviting an expert into your business to take off the layers of complexity is your best bet.

What can a Marketing Coach do for your e-commerce business?

If you asked me, the single biggest benefit of hiring a Marketing Coach is that you don’t simply hire someone to ‘do the work’ for you. Instead, you invest in an expert who comes along for the ride. Who walks alongside with you. I am as passionate about seeing your business succeed as you are. Together we work towards becoming a Marketing genius in your own right so that you can take on your strategy and carry it through to a sustainable business model that fits within your lifestyle. Working with a Marketing Coach is investing in yourself and believing in your inner Marketing genius.

The key motivations for working with a Marketing Coach can take on many shapes. Here are some of the most common benefits that you can expect:

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Strategies customised to your business rather than a blanket approach
  • An objective take on your brand
  • Borrowed expertise to tap into
  • Industry insights so that you know where you fit in
  • Accountability so that you stay on track
  • A grasp of the latest trends
  • A vision for your brand that keeps giving

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How to choose the perfect Marketing Coach for you?

Not all Marketing Coaches are made the same. The best way to pick the perfect fit for you is research, research, research. It’s a big investment of trust and money that can turn out to be the game-changer for your business or make you fundamentally doubt your decision.

Here are some strategic questions that will help you get to know your potential Marketing Coach before committing:

  • Ask for case studies from previous clients with tangible results their clients achieved as a direct result of working with them
  • Ask for written testimonials from previous clients to hear what working with this coach was like
  • Quiz them on relevant industry experience to make sure they understand your market
  • Question how they keep up with the latest Marketing standards and innovations
  • Check out their online presence such as their website and social media channels and look out for professional branding, clear messaging and thorough processes
  • Sign up to their mailing list to experience their customer journey firsthand

Every top-notch Marketing Coach will support you in your research so you are fully aware that you have to be confident before you commit.

Most women in the early years of growing their online store aren’t in the position to invest in 1-1 coaching, which is why I created eComm Grow Strong.

Over 12-weeks and 9 modules, I walk you through everything I take my private clients through to help you transform your marketing and finally get a roadmap in place to grow with confidence and clarity.

Doors again in June 2023, so make sure you are on the waitlist to get your spot!

Choosing the perfect Marketing Coach is a big deal. Hopefully, this handy guide has made it that tiny bit easier to decide. If I’ve tempted you to see whether I’m that right fit for your glorious brand, then don’t be a stranger. I’m only a message away.