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e-comm transformation

90 Day E-Commerce Strategy & Action Program

This package is designed to help you get focused, take the right action, stay on track, save time and precious mental load as the thinking has all been done for you.

Are you the kinda gal who thrives when you have a clear plan in your hand? A goal to get? Steps to follow? Thought so....

What is it?

99% of the women I meet in the growing years of their eComm business tell me “I just need someone to help me bring it all together, tell me where to focus my marketing efforts and help me create a plan to get my business moving in the right direction”.

My new 90-Day Sprint package is going to sound like a dream come true to you. Because I’m going to take the heavy-lifting thinking off your plate and break your marketing plan down for you into actionable steps. I will get you unstuck by handing you the strategy and direction that you’re missing.

We work together in 90 day sprints, meeting every 30 days for 90-min strategy sessions. I deliver to you a custom plan-of-attack after every session, so you’re always crystal clear on what needs to happen, by when and by who.

How does it work?

Working in 90-day sprints at a time, we focus on 2 key areas that are holding your business back from growth. 

We kick-off with a 2-hour discovery session taking a birds eye view of your business – your marketing, brand, website to identify what needs to grow and improve.

Think whiteboard, markers and post-it notes!

Yup, we’re getting clear, baby! 

This deep-dive session produces focus – what needs to happen, by who, when and how.

From here, I will collate our findings into a clear and ready-to-implement marketing and action plan for you including but not limited to;

My team and I deliver this to you post-session and all you need to do is follow the steps outlined for you. 

We will then meet every 30 days to help your projects stay on track, keep you moving forward, helping you navigate – think of us like your unwavering Captain of the ship!

how it rolls out

Keeping you on track with your project timeline.


E-Commerce Action Packs

But what good is a strategy, if you don’t have the resource, time or skills to implement it? I know we can’t do everything ourselves, especially the techie and designy stuff! 

This is where our Action Packs come in to help you put the strategy to action based on your needs and budget.


Set-up Templates, Campaigns & Automations


90-min check-in


Set-up Account management


Audit Content Plan, Monthly Management


5 hours
10 hours

Who is this for?

For established eCommerce businesses who seek transformational change yet lack the direction, focus and marketing know-how to make it happen.

You are already making sales and are comfortable investing in your business by working with the right people to get you to where you want to be and out of the overwhelm and confusion you are sitting in.

How can I get started?

e-comm transformation

Package Includes:


These Bonus Resources


Lifetime access to my eCommerce marketing course eComm Grow Strong
VALUE $1,997


Access to private client Facebook group for 90-days
VALUE $750

BONUS three

1-hour 1:1 consultation with my eCom Tech Expert to chat all things Shopify, Klaviyo, Facebook ads and Google ads

let's chat

Want to know more?

Book in a 30-min consultation call with Lisa Byrne to find out if this is right for you.