We’re often led to believe when we’re not seeing results from advertising, we need to do more of everything. More promotion, more sales, more PR, more emails, more posting… you get the picture!

This is not true. In my experience talking to women with product businesses everyday? Stopping, stepping back and doing less is actually going to move their business forward faster than throwing more time, energy and money at marketing.

How to know if you’re marketing isn’t working

  1. your sales have slowed, stopped or plateaued
  2. you are unable to specifically describe your ideal customer
  3. you are unsure of what makes your product different/better to others on the market
  4. you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing is working
  5. you’re overwhelmed, confused, stressed and near burn out.

I see women in e-commerce businesses experiencing some or all of these things everyday.

I also see SO many messages from other coaches or experts telling women to hustle harder, go bigger, try this tactic, spend more money here when 9 times out of 10 (in my experience) the real problem is their business foundations.

What are your core marketing foundations?

These are the building blocks your business and marketing is built upon and they’re the key to establishing and growing a sustainable and profitable business. Which is what we all want, right?

Generally speaking, these are:

  • product
  • offer or pricing
  • target market
  • message
  • unique selling point or point of difference
  • brand strategy

No amount of time, money or advertising can correct a business without the right strategy in place. Sure you may see quick wins, but in time, you will still need to circle back around and get clear and strategic on those key success factors.

If you want to gain some clarity on this for your own business, I can help.

I offer FREE no-strings-attached 45min phone consultations so that I can answer any questions you might have and discuss some basic suggestions for your brand.

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