Less marketing
and more sales
(yes, really!)

Coaching, custom marketing strategy and courses for women with online stores and product-based businesses. It’s time to nail your eCommerce marketing and focus on the right things not all the things. Ready to double your revenue, increase your profit and decrease your stress?

End the marketing overwhelm, today.

We both know you didn’t get into this biz to have more stress and spend less time with your loved ones. By implementing the right strategies, you can grow your business, increase your profits and make a bigger impact without doing more. Together we get clear on what works for you, keep your marketing plans simple and double down on the tactics that get results. So you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility that business ownership is supposed to be all about.

Realise Your Business Potential In Just 90 Days

New Coaching Package with Limited Spots Available. 

You know your business has potential, you just need the right strategy, support and direction to take those next big leaps in your business.

Now is the ideal time to knuckle down and take serious action as quickly run into the biggest season of the year – with Spring, Summer and Black Friday and Christmas fast approaching. 

My clients get incredible, business changing results in 90 days – because we lay down a strategic plan of attack, stay laser focused and take big action with big confidence!

If you feel stuck in analysis paralysis or you’re so busy can’t work ON the business, then you need a coach to help you navigate your way out of the weeds and achieve remarkable results in record time. 

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Course & Community

For Businesses Earning Between $0-$5k/pm 

Your A to Z eCommerce marketing course. Everything you need to have humming before paid advertising or hiring an agency. For women in the early years of business who crave a simple marketing plan to follow for more engagement, traffic, sales AND profit.

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Group Program

For Businesses Earning Between $2k and $10k/pm  

Get out of the “messy middle” with the marketing, mindset, money and momentum strategies to go from $5k months to $15k months. 

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VIP Mastermind

For Businesses Earning Minimum $10k/pm  

Private 1-1 coaching, done-for-you marketing strategy, daily support, elite high-level mastermind members, expert support coaches and more. 

The most personalised eCommerce coaching for 6-figure brands who are ready to scale to 7-figures and beyond. 



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"Lisa helped me unlock the true potential of my business"

The marketing plan we put in place allowed my business to progress in ways I didn’t think were possible.

I have always been someone to do everything myself, so to have someone I could trust to come into the business and help guide our marketing and growth was such a blessing and saved me so much time and energy.

To see such great results in such a short period was outstanding.

Working with Lisa has paved the way forward for my business. I can now easily implement things with confidence knowing it works.


Hi, I'm Lisa

I’m an eCommerce mentor and marketing coach and I want you to do less marketing.

No, you’re not dreaming and I’m not a magician (despite what my clients think). I’m just a woman who doesn’t buy into the hustle harder BS. I believe female founders are already working hard enough.

And I’m on a mission to help them step out of the day-to-day grind so they can become the calm, confident, successful eCommerce business owners I know they can be.

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eComm Grow Strong is a 12 week group program for online store owners who struggle with marketing

This is the ONLY program you need to do if you have yet to reach $5k or $10k in monthly revenue. Do not spend a cent on advertising or agencies until you have strong foundations and your organic marketing humming—trust me! I have seen thousands of businesses waste time, money, and energy doing the wrong marketing in the wrong order. 

eCommerce Marketing Society podcast

New episodes every Tuesday. I chat with some of my favourite and the most talented female founders and marketing experts to help you take massive leaps with real advice.

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